Aircraft General



Learn all about the Ground Handling and Servicing of the Aircraft including jacking, levelling, towing and much more!

1 hour 30 minutes

AUD $69.00

Course Offering

  • Comprehensive Familiarisation covering Terminology, Component Locations, General Descriptions and more.
  • Course content based on official Aviation regulator approved courses, development by our in-house engineers and training experts.
  • Certificate issued upon successful course completion.

The Comprehensive Familiarization course on the Airbus A330 provides detailed insights into the terminology, component locations, and general descriptions of this aircraft model. Developed by our in-house engineers and training experts in accordance with official aviation regulator approved courses, this program offers a thorough understanding of the A330.

Participants will gain knowledge about the various components of the Airbus A330, including their locations and functions. By the end of the course, students will be equipped with a comprehensive overview of the aircraft’s systems and operations.

Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate will be issued to acknowledge the participant’s achievement and proficiency in understanding the Airbus A330. This certificate serves as a testament to the individual’s knowledge and expertise in this specific aircraft model.



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