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QAC Online offers a comprehensive portfolio of courses that will allow students to study at their own pace and when it suits them. Further your knowledge about the aircraft you work with day to day.

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Our courses include engaging imagery and graphics plus a moderator to guide you through your modules.

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Navigating the QAC Online Learning Journey


Start by selecting your preferred course(s) and then follow the simple online enrolment process.

Complete course

Complete your course(s) via our user-friendly online learning management system.


Upon course completion, answer the 5 assessment questions. You will have multiple attempts to get these right!


Upon answering the assessment questions correctly, you will receive your certificate by email.

Our Types of Courses

Our individual course modules look at one aspect of an aircraft in detail. For example, the Auto Pilot or the Landing Gear. These course modules are shorter and offer students the opportunity to pick and choose based on their particular areas of interest. Course modules vary in length but take on average 45 minutes to complete.

Our complete courses look at the entire aircraft and are made up of around 25 individual course modules. These courses deliver a comprehensive look into the inner workings of the aircraft and generally take around 30 hours to complete.

Popular Courses

Popular Courses

Are you an Aviation enthusiast?

If you have a general interest in the Aviation and Aerospace industry or are you curious about how different aspects of an aircraft function, then we have courses for you!

Airbus A330

Automatic Flight System

Learn the A-Z of how the Automatic Flight System is constructed, functions and much more!

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